Where can I smell 2-Stroke® cologne?

We looked into a scratch and sniff app, but haven't had any luck yet. Buy a bottle of 2-Stroke® cologne here on this website and smell it when it arrives. Several independent stores in Montana carry it where you can hold the physical product. (If you'd like to carry it in your store drop us an email.)

Which 2-Stroke oil did you try to match?

Some have tried to guess if we used Blendzall, Klotz Benol Racing, or some other oil to model our fragrance. Ours is a recipe that took more than year to perfect, testing nearly fifty formulations, so we're not ready to give up the secret yet.

Can I use the cologne in my real 2-stroke engine?

Not suggested. And we put a reminder on the bottle just in case you think that's a good idea some late night.

Do you guarantee results?

You'll smell better and look better, but we are told different folks wear scents differently. Your own scents and pheromones will have just as large of an effect on any situational outcome. While we cannot guarantee any results, our studies suggest significant improvement in the odds.

How do I open the cardboard carton?

The cardboard shipping container is for the bottle's protection, but we think it's cool enough that you may want to keep it. If so, make sure you gently twist when removing the top (it should separate without much force).

Do you give bulk discounts?

Yes. Buy more than a six pack and we can talk (send us an email). We actually think this would make great schwag at a racing or club event. If you offer up a bottle of 2-Stroke® to the first place finishers, your race just might have a few new track records.

What about international shipping and import taxes?

We currently ship via first-class US Postal Service (Priority and Global Express are several times more expensive). Unfortunately, packages are tracked in some countries (e.g. Canada & Singapore) and not in others (e.g. Sweden). Delivery times have varied from one week to one month, as we believe the staff at the Duty and Tariff office are purposefully delaying shipments in order to enjoy the smell of the cologne. Orders shipped to a destination outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes or duties. As the recipient, you are the importer and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Exact import taxes and duties vary, depending on the destination country.

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